5 Song Set, an Oregon based Blog (“a semi-monthly five song music podcast, featuring an eclectic mix of generally upbeat music” to quote the blog’s website) is running a competition to determine the favourite song played during 2011, as selected by listeners.

Podcast Episode 9 posted on May 6th featured, to celebrate May Day, 5 songs about unions and the labour movement, one of which was Lads of the BLF by Roaring Jack. So, if you want to vote for the song, and perhaps win a prize for yourself as well as for the group, check out the website for full details.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song are as relevant here and now as they were when Alistair wrote the song about the struggles of the Builders Labourers Federation:

Corporations rule this land

Democracy’s a sham sir

They rob us blind at every turn

And then don’t give a damn sir

Alistair’s advice is also pertinent
“Stand up now for workers’ rights
And socialist reform sir”

CHECK OUT http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/S_hnLKJWmnA/search/Roaring%20Jack