• Featuring Hugh Whitaker (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Rachel Goodwin (vocals), Alistair Hulett (vocals, guitar), Hugh Bradley (bass, backing vocals), Gavin Livingstone (backing vocals) and Phil Snell (mandolin, fiddle, lap steel, guitar).
  • This is a Downloadable product. Upon purchasing you will be prompted to download a zip file containing the track artwork and MP3 files included in this album. These are DRM free tracks, however once purchased they can only be downloaded from the Alistair Hulett Store a maximum of five times, and you must download within 14 days, so ensure you backup your purchases once downloaded. Album Information: Includes all tracks listed below, 49.6 MB size, 44100 Hz sample rate, MP3 format, Artwork Information: 800 x 800 pixels.
  • This introductory EP showcases some of the songs from Strains of Eden, a roots music project devised and created by Scottish singer songwriter Alan Dickson.
  • The songs in this EP remind us that the latent force of hope is a necessary prerequisite for creating a better future.
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    This machine washable 100% cotton tea towel comes printed with the lyrics to Alistair Hulett's famous 'We'll Swim Again For A' That' song, written for the Govanhill Swimming Baths campaign. Is there for honest poverty That hings its heid an' a' that? We'll get back oor swimmin' pool And swim again for a' that For a' that and a' that Wi' watter wings an' a' that In Govanhill's ain Calder Street We'll swim again for a' that
  • This T-Shirt was produced for the 40th anniversary of the murder of Victor Jara in the coup in Chile which overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende. All money raised from the purchase of this T-Shirt will be divided between the Justice for Victor Jara campaign and the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust.


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