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  • Love, Loss and Liberty CD

    Love, Loss and Liberty is the first in a series of compilation CDs covering the Songs of Alistair Hulett. It represents a small insight into the diversity and breadth of the wide-ranging material that Alistair created over 35 years as a songwriter. It demonstrates his artistry and eloquence as a poet and the impact he had on musicians and artists across the musical spectrum.
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    Roaring Jack Tote Bag

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    Look stylish with this 100% cotton Roaring Jack, Through the Smoke of Innocence tote bag, suitable for carrying books, documents and other lightweight items. All proceeds from the sale of this tote bag will go to the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust (AHMT) in the UK and the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund (AHMF) in Australia.
  • When Alistair talked about recording a live concert, he said he’d never been successful in getting a good live recording, and wished us luck. Well it worked, and we have a wonderful snapshot of Alistair Hulett live in concert, complete with introductions, blue notes, patter, chatter, laughter, wisdom, glass clinks, chair scrapes, chuckles and applause
  • This CD was produced for the 40th anniversary of the murder of Victor Jara in the coup in Chile which overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende.
  • Featuring Alistair Hulett (vocals, guitar), Dave Swarbrick (fiddles, viola, baritone violin) and Kevin Dempsey (second guitair on 'The Granite Cage'). All songs written by Alistair Hulett, arrangements by Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick. The songs on this disc were written over a period of two years.
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    All titles arranged by Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick, The Cold Grey Light of Dawn was recorded and mixed at Cobnash Studio, Herefordshire in July 1997.
  • Featuring Alistair Hulett (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Gregory (bouzouki, guitars, tin whistle), John Deery (Uilleann Pipes), Phil Murray (accordion), Janek Bagoien (violin, harmonica), Anthony Ryan (bass), Brian O'Kelly (bodhran) and Rod Gilchrist (snare drum). In the Back Streets of Paradise was produced by Craig Beck, Jimmy Gregory and Alistair Hulett, it was recorded and mixed by Craig Beck at Power House Studios, Sydney in 1994.
  • During the four years these recordings were made, Roaring Jack was involved in more than a few political campaigns. Some, like the fight to overturn the Labour Government's de-registration of the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) and the workers' occupation of the repair yard on Cockatoo island, ended in defeat.
  • His first solo CD and one of our favourite Alistair Hullett recordings. An acoustic, but fiery, album which brought him back into the folk field.
  • Featuring Hugh Whitaker (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Rachel Goodwin (vocals), Alistair Hulett (vocals, guitar), Hugh Bradley (bass, backing vocals), Gavin Livingstone (backing vocals) and Phil Snell (mandolin, fiddle, lap steel, guitar).
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    This machine washable 100% cotton tea towel comes printed with the lyrics to Alistair Hulett's famous 'We'll Swim Again For A' That' song, written for the Govanhill Swimming Baths campaign. Is there for honest poverty That hings its heid an' a' that? We'll get back oor swimmin' pool And swim again for a' that For a' that and a' that Wi' watter wings an' a' that In Govanhill's ain Calder Street We'll swim again for a' that


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