The Complete Works of Roaring Jack Download

The Complete Works of Roaring Jack Download


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Album Information: Includes all tracks listed below, 164.8 MB size, 44100 Hz sample rate, MP3 format.
Artwork Information: 700 x 700 pixels.


Cover notes written by Alistair Hulett:
During the four years these recordings were made, Roaring Jack was involved in more than a few political campaigns. Some, like the fight to overturn the Labour Government’s de-registration of the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) and the workers’ occupation of the repair yard on Cockatoo island, ended in defeat.

On the other hand, the victorious campaign exposing the frame-up of Tim Anderson (CEFTA) was one of the sweetest moments in the political life of most of us on the Left in Sydney. It was great to be a part of it all, and listening again to these songs brings back a flood of memories. In particular, it reminds us all of the two band members who can’t be around to enjoy the craic with us anymore. The surviving members of Roaring Jack would like to dedicate this collection to the memory of Steve Thompson and Rod Gilchrist. Sleep on tender comrades.

Track 4 Disc 1, ‘Yuppietown’ as performed by Roaring Jack

Track 10 Disc 1, ‘The Day That the Boys Came Down’ as performed by Roaring Jack

Track 19 Disc 1, ‘Lads of the BLF’ as performed by Roaring Jack

Track 4 Disc 2, ‘Ways of a Rover’ as performed by Roaring Jack

Track Listing Disc 1 (Street Celtabillity, 1987):

  1. The Old Divide and Rule
  2. Buy Us a Drink
  3. Wild Rover Again
  4. Yuppietown
  5. Ballad of 1975
  6. Shell Shocked Crowd

Track Listing Disc 1 (The Cat Among the Pigeons, 1988):

  1. Uisge Beatha
  2. Love in the Modern Age
  3. Lights of Sydney Town
  4. The Day That the Boys Came Down
  5. The Lass Behind the Beertaps
  6. Go, Leave
  7. Destitution Road
  8. The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away
  9. Moving On
  10. Playing for the Traffic
  11. The Thin Red Line
  12. The Cat Among the Pigeons
  13. Lads of the BLF

Track Listing Disc 1 (B Sides, 1988):

  1. Honky Tonks in Heaven

Track Listing Disc 2 (Through the Smoke of Innocence, 1989):

  1. Girl on a Gate
  2. Song of Choice
  3. Her Latest Affectation
  4. Ways of a Rover
  5. Lass From Yarrow
  6. October Wind
  7. Polythene Flowers
  8. Child’s Play
  9. The Bonny Wee Well
  10. Take Away Love
  11. A Stranger and a Friend
  12. Shot Down in Flames

Track Listing Disc 2 (B Sides, 1989):

  1. Just Like Cigarettes
  2. The Ball of Yarn

Track Listing Disc 2 (Benefit Single For the Campaign Exposing the Frame Up of Tim Anderson, CEFTA, 1990):

  1. Framed
  2. Criminal Justice


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