Hello to all of Alistair’s fans, the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust (UK) and Fund (AU) have in the past few weeks been collaborating with a newly forming web development company in the UK to overhaul Alistair’s presence on the web. This new website displays Alistair’s life, music, ideals and principles off to a new degree not seen before online. Over the coming months we can only imagine that the content within this new website will grow and grow.

Important Notice: During this transitional period from the old website to this new website, you may notice some functionality loss while the required systems are put in place. Please note that this is temporary and will at most last only a couple of days. If you continue to notice any loss of functionality, most likely it would be a broken link. Please drop the website administrator a note in the comments section below. You can also use these comments to give your thoughts on the new website.