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Songs for Social Justice Award 2013 won by The Lurkers for ‘Mining Man’

On Easter Monday, 2013, the 2013 'Songs for Social Justice' Award was presented at the final concert of the National Folk Festival in Canberra. The winning song, 'Mining Man' was performed by its composers, The Lurkers – Sydney-based proponents of "subversive homespun bluegrass". The following letter from the judges (written when the identity of each of entrants was still unknown to them) provides an eloquent and fitting tribute to both [...]

By |April 2nd, 2013|Australia|1 Comment

Interview with Steph Miller

Click the link below to read an interview with Steph Miller, winner of the first Songs for Social Justice competition in Australia, 2012.

By |May 3rd, 2012|Australia|0 Comments

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