The Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust

Traditions of Resistance Through Song & Struggle

The Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust is a non-profit association established in the United Kingdom after the untimely death in 2010 of singer, songwriter, political activist and social justice advocate, Alistair Hulett.

The purpose of the Trust, in addition to preserving Alistair Hulett’s musical legacy, is:

  1. to advance, support and develop the appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects, including through the presentation of concerts and the production of both recorded and written music;
  2. to promote, present and preserve the traditional and multi-cultural music and song of the United Kingdom;
  3. to promote equality, justice and diversity through music, focusing on indigenous people, asylum seekers and refuges, disabled people and the homeless; and on gender rights, sexual equality, freedom from violence and the right to practise religion without bigotry or exclusion;
  4. to promote harmony and the lessening of conflict between races, religions and belief systems through music.

The Alistair Hulett Memorial TrustWorking in Solidarity
A significant proportion of all funds raised by the AHMT will go to grants, prizes and scholarships awarded to musicians whose focus is on social justice issues and whose music champions those aims for which the Fund was established.

The Trust works with community groups, campaigns and organisations to raise money to impact change and further human rights through music and the arts. If you are from a union, community group, campaign or voluntary organisation and would like support or assistance in raising money through benefit concerts, CD production or similar activity, please contact the AHMT using the form below or the contact page. You can support the Trust by donating via the donations page.

All merchandise sold in the UK market, including CD’s will contribute to the Trust. For a full list for merchandise see the online store.

John Hamill John Hamill Chair
John Hamill is a now retired company director who spent a number of years in the electronics industry in Dublin Ireland. On his return to Scotland he first came across the song ‘Among Proddy Dogs & Papes’ back in 1999. It was not Alistair singing it but another folk singer and he was so taken with the lyrics that he decided to track down the original version. He then found out that the songwriter was Alistair Hulett and to his surprise Alistair was living in Glasgow about 20 miles from him. John phoned and spoke to Fatima and asked if he could purchase some CDs and arranged to collect them. It was Alistair who answered the door. “Come in, tea or coffee?” he asked. They sat talking for the next 2 hours and found they had lots in common.
Alistair invited John to accompany him to a concert that was taking place in Glasgow the following week and that was the start of a very close friendship. Alistair and John would go and see lots of concerts together and he was a huge influence. Alistair introduced him to the music of many of the old blues singers such as Sam Chatmon and Mance Lipscomb and his knowledge of music was encyclopaedic and infectious.
John was very proud when Fatima asked if he would be Chairman of the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust and thought it a great honour. He is committed to upholding the ideals that Alistair held dear; a fairer world and social justice for all. John misses his love, friendship, gentleness and humour every day.


Fatima Uygun Fatima Uygun Secretary
Fatima was Alistair’s partner of 17 years. She is a revolutionary socialist and an active anti racist and anti fascist campaigner. She is also a committed community activist and holds Trustee positions on various community Trusts in Glasgow. Her previous jobs have inlcuded Social Enterprise Consultant and Associate Lecturer in Equality and Social Justice.


Jimmy Ross Jimmy Ross Trustee
Jimmy Ross performed with Alistair in song, word and picture presentations on topics such as “Which Side Are You On? – The Life and Times of Pete Seeger”, “Ewan MacColl and the Politics of the Folk Song Revival” and “Irish Songs Of Resistance And Rebellion In Popular Culture”. He lives in Glasgow where he is an active socialist and anti-racist campaigner. Now retired, he worked as a teacher and was for many years an activist in the Scottish teachers’ union the EIS. He has been a folksinger since the mid sixties and was a co-founder of the Tradition Club in Glasgow.


John Powles John Powles Trust Archivist | Giving Voice Workshops Weblink | Twitter Feed
John has curated the Janey Buchan Political Song Collection at Glasgow University since its launch in September 2011. John also provides workshop activities centred around themes of political song and songs of social justice under the banner of Giving Voice Workshops; he also works as a part-time tutor and consultant for the WEA in Scotland.

Previously John worked for 25 years at Glasgow Caledonian University, including 15 years managing the University’s collections of left wing political materials. His activities at GCU included, often in partnership with Alistair Hulett, delivering political song workshops to a wide range of groups, including students, community activists, trades unions, schools, and arts in the community organisations. John also hosted performance events at the University, especially concerts championing themes of social justice; Alistair took part in many of these events, and was always hugely supportive and encouraging.


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