The Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund

Traditions of Resistance Through Song & Struggle

The Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund is a non-profit association established in Australia after the untimely death in 2010 of singer, songwriter, political activist and social justice advocate, Alistair Hulett.

The Alistair Hulett Memorial TrustThe purpose of the Fund, in addition to preserving Alistair Hulett’s musical legacy, is:

  1. to advance, support and develop the appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects, including through the presentation of concerts and the production of both recorded and written music;
  2. to promote, present and preserve the traditional and multi-cultural music and song of Australia;
  3. to promote equality, justice and diversity through music, focusing on indigenous people, asylum seekers and refuges, disabled people and the homeless; and on gender rights, sexual equality, freedom from violence and the right to practise religion without bigotry or exclusion;
  4. to promote harmony and the lessening of conflict between races, religions and belief systems through music.
Working in Solidarity

A significant proportion of all funds raised by the AHMF will go to grants, prizes and scholarships awarded to musicians whose focus is on social justice issues and whose music champions those aims for which the Fund was established.

The Fund works with community groups, campaigns and organisations to raise money to impact change and further human rights through music and the arts. You can support the Fund by donating via the donations page. All merchandise sold in the Australian market, including CD’s will contribute to the Fund. For a full list for merchandise see the Online Store.

Tim Anderson Tim Anderson Chair | Academic Weblink
Tim Anderson is an high profile peace activist. He has degrees in economics and international politics, and a doctorate on the political economy of economic liberalisation in Australia. He has been published in a range of academic journals, including: Health and Human Rights, the Pan-American Health Journal, The International Journal of Cuban Studies, the Australian Journal of Human Rights, Latin American Perspectives, the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, the Portuguese Studies Review, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, the Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics, Critical Public Health, the Journal of Australian Political Economy and Pacific Economic Bulletin.
He has also written several books on the criminal justice system, prisons, civil rights and self-advocacy. Tim Anderson’s Specialties and research interests include global integration, rights in development, developing health systems, indigenous land, and imperialism and self-determination. Tim was the subject of the Roaring Jack song, written by Alistair, ‘Framed’.


Alison Hulett Alison Hulett Secretary
Alison Hulett is an internationally recognised graphic designer and brand strategist. For more than 25 years she headed up the design firm EKH Design Pty Ltd (now Yello Brands Pty Ltd) until she and her partners sold the business to John Singleton’s STW Group in 2005. Since then, she has continued to divide her time between specific design projects and pro bono work for non-profit organisations, including the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund.


Ralph Rogers Ralph Rogers Treasurer
Based in Queensland but working internationally, Ralph Rogers is an experienced business manager who brings years of valuable accounting experience and business acumen to the board of the AHMF. He is a non-executive director and major shareholder in Coral Coast Holdings Pty Ltd and is Chairman of the board of Quik Corp (Aust) Pty Ltd.


Professor Robert Fagan Professor Robert Fagan Trustee | Academic Weblink
Bob Fagan is a retired researcher and teacher of human geography and environmental studies at Macquarie University. He is currently researching and writing about urban food security and local resistances to globalisation. He also sings and plays guitar with Margaret Fagan and well-known folk band The Fagans.


Margaret Perrott Margaret Perrott Trustee
Margaret is a peace, environment and health activist. She is a doctor with a special focus on the welfare of children and is a veteran peace movement and environmental activist. She has been involved for many years in organising International Women’s Day and Reclaim the Night activities in Wollongong. Margaret Perrott was a Democratic Socialist candidate for Illawarra in 1999 and a Socialist Alliance candidate in the House of Representatives for Cunningham in 1996 and 1998, and for Throsby in 1993, 2001 and 2004.


Friends of the Memorial Fund

For only $5 (AU) a year, you can become a Friend of the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund Incorporated and help promote the aims for which Alistair campaigned so passionately throughout his life.

You can also volunteer to play a more active role in the Fund, according to your interests and skills. For more information please contact us using the form provided.

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