Video Recordings

Part of the work both the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund and Trust do is collect and preserve Alistair’s recordings and tributes to Alistair by others. This page is dedicated to Video recordings. Please note that a broadband connection is recommended for viewing this content. On slower connections you may need to pause the video at the start and wait for it to fully load before playing for better performance.

Ethel on the Airwaves | Recorded in Alistair’s home in Glasgow.

Tower of Song | Recorded in Alistair’s home in Glasgow.

When the Wee Birds Start Leaving | With Roy Bailey, James Fagan and Nancy Kerr.

Suicide Town | With Roy Bailey, James Fagan, Nancy Kerr and Rory McLeod

Among Proddy Dogs And Papes | With Alistair Hulett and Jimmy Gregory.

He Fades Away | Kate Fagan performing at the Alistair Hulett Tribute Concert in Sydney.

He Fades Away | As sung by Karine Polwart during the Alistair Hulett Tribute Concert in Glasgow.

The Old Divide and Rule | Alistair Hulett performed at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, George Street, Thebarton on Thursday, December 11, 2008 as part of a double bill with David Rovics (USA).

The Ballad of 75 | This is a video of Roaring Jack from around 20 years ago.