Traditions of Resistance Through Song & Struggle

The Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust is a not for profit association established in the United Kingdom after the untimely death in 2010 of singer, songwriter, political activist and social justice advocate, Alistair Hulett.

A significant proportion of all funds raised by the Trust goes to grants, prizes and scholarships awarded to musicians whose focus is on social justice issues and whose music champions those aims for which the Trust was established.

The Trust works with community groups, campaigns and organisations to raise money to impact change and advance human rights through music and the arts. If you are from a union, community group, campaign or voluntary organisation and would like support or assistance in raising money through benefit concerts, CD production or similar activities, please contact us for more details.

You can help further our cause by making a donation or by purchasing an item from the shop. All merchandise sold to the UK market will contribute to the Trust.

The purpose of the Trust, in addition to preserving Alistair Hulett’s musical legacy is outlined in these four bullet points.

  • Advance, support and develop the appreciation of the art and science of music in all its aspects, including through the presentation of concerts and the production of both recorded and written music.
  • Promote, present and preserve the traditional and multicultural music and song of the United Kingdom.
  • Promote equality, justice and diversity through music, focusing on indigenous people, asylum seekers and refuges, disabled people and the homeless; and on gender rights, sexual equality, freedom from violence and the right to practise religion without bigotry or exclusion.
  • Promote harmony and the lessening of conflict between races, religions and belief systems through music.
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Grant Applications

Grants are available to individual artists, bands, organisations and community groups to help meet a wide range of costs, including activities and events; equipment or materials; marketing and awareness-raising initiatives, fund raising activities, touring costs and CD manufacturing.
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Meet the Trustees

John Hamill
John HamillChair
As Chair of the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust, John is committed to upholding the ideals that Alistair held dear; a fairer world and social justice for all.
Fatima Uygun
Fatima UygunSecretary
Alistair’s partner of 17 years, Fatima is a revolutionary socialist and an active anti racist and anti fascist campaigner.
Jimmy Ross
Jimmy RossTrustee
Active socialist and anti-racist campaigner, Jimmy performed with Alistair in song, word and picture presentations.
John Powles
John PowlesArchivist
An archivist of left wing political materials and the Alistair Hulett Collection, John delivered political song workshops often in partnership with Alistair Hulett.
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Your support greatly helps the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust preserve Alistair’s legacy and his ideals. Donations enable us to support community groups, campaigns and organisations in raising money to impact change and advance human rights through music and the arts.
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