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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Alistair Hulett Tribute Night

By |September 23rd, 2011|

Alistair Hulett Tribute Night
Friday 21st October 2011
Irvine Watersports Club

Jimmy Ross/Finlay Allison
Susan McClure
Peter Nardini
Alasdair Roberts

Entry £10 (pay on door) / £8 concession (TMSA)
All profits to the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust

John Cummins and the Fight for the Right to Organise

By |September 6th, 2011|

Roaring Jack song “Lads of the BLF” was used in a short video on John Cummins former BLF Victoria Secretary. It was shown at the John Cummins Memorial Fund annual dinner on August 26.

Original source:

John Cummins and the fight for the right to organise from Joe Loh on Vimeo.